Hello! Welcome!))

My name is Tatiana Semykina, nice to meet you))


Since 2009 I create glass beads in the flame, and since 2012 work with metals.


In my work there are two main directions: beads for bracelets Confettini-beads and brutal jewels with silver, natural stones and lampwork glass Euphoretic jewels ( website euphoretic.ru)

On this website you can find glass and silver beads, created by me. All glass beads are made in a single copy, and even in small series they are different and each has its own personality. Silver is created in small batches, hand technique and casting, the number of beads is always limited.


The theme for my works is most often used nature and it is a source of endless inspiration. Styles, which give the maximum scope for the imagination - it's boho, hippie, organic, eco.